Taylor Swift KISSES Karlie Kloss!? But Lesbian Romance Rumour Is Denied

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were snapped kissing during a 1975 gig where her rumoured boyfriend, Matt Healy, was playing to a packed crowd.

Tay and Karlie were caught in the act on Thursday night at the gig by an eagle-eyed fan, who snapped a picture or two, before going on to BLOW OUR MINDS by uploading them to Twitter.

The slightly grainy pics were uploaded to the site along with the caption: “Exclusive Taylor and Karlie making out #confirmed.”

Which has predictably sent the Interweb into compelete MELTDOWN.

And, although we respect a good hastag and all, Taylor’s reps have plain denied the lesbian card and laughed the rumour off.

Speaking to the Gossip Cop, a spokesperson for the 24-year-old pop Goddess branded the rumours “hilarious”.

The pictures, which were taken at the 1975 gig in New York at Terminal 5, however, allude to a completely different story.

The Victoria’s Secret model and the Blank space singer are seen leaning over a railing, with Taylor staring intently at the stage – who wouldn’t? Matt Healy’s up there!

However, things take an unexpected turn in the second snap, where Karlie can be seen planting a smacker on Tay – all the while cupping her face tenderly and gently.

There’s nothing wrong with a good-old smooch between friends of any gender. BUT the whole reason this has sent us into a lobotomy-like state of disbelief, is that it’s only just emerged that Taylor and Matty are supposed to be DATING.

With one source stating emphatically: “Taylor and Matty have been dating for approximately two months now. It started off as a mutual crush and has been blossoming more and more.”

So, this begs the question – WHAT WILL MATTY SAY?!

In fact, what will Matty’s mum DENISE WELCH say???

Taylor Swift KISSES Karlie Kloss!? But Lesbian Romance Rumour Is Denied
By MazSight

And while Taylor has previously revealed that she is “prioritising” her girlfriends over a romantic relationship, we don’t think this is quite what any of us imagined “prioritising” to be when she said that.

But setting aside all the rumours, nothing can really be proved without some concrete evidence.

So, the only time we will find out anything that’s anywhere near the truth is when Taylor, or some eagle-eyed fan with a phone, decides to tell us.

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