Taylor Swift ‘Livid’ About Ed Sheeran’s New Girlfriend Athina Andrelos

She’s apparently ‘livid’.

Taylor Swift is believed to be totally fuming that Ed Sheeran has a new girlfriend.

It’s reported that Taylor is feeling left out and jealous that she’s no longer ‘Ed’s number one girl’. VOM.

A chum of pair spilled the beans to this week’s heat magazine saying how gutted Taylor is that her buddy has been nicked off her so suddenly.

Taylor Swift 'Livid' About Ed Sheeran's New Girlfriend Athina Andrelos
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“She can’t stand the fact that he’s fallen for someone – Ed’s been like her boyfriend substitute for the past 18 months, and suddenly he’s not available for any more,” the source says.

Back in May Ed said that the two had met and that ‘Taylor likes Athina’.  However, it’s believed that only since the couple got more serious the true colours of Swifty has shown.

“She has met Athina and at first she was OK about it. But now Ed and Athina are getting more serious she’s turned into a green eyed monster. Ed was always available to call 24/7, so if Taylow wanted to call him at 3am it wasn’t a problem but now it’s suddenly awkward.”

Sounds like it was probably quite annoying all along though, eh? Poor old Ed.

And it’s believed that ‘word have been had’ about the subject.

“Ed had a few quiet words with Taylor. It’s difficult because he thinks the world of her and doesn’t want to do anything to jepodise the friendship but some days Taylor texts him 20 times a day.”

Jeez – we just hope she’s on unlimited texts.

But just WHO is Athina Andrelos? Well, allow us to shed some light…

Athena is a 23-year-old former radio promotions assistant who ‘loves pugs’ (important information) and according to The Sun the pair have been dating for SIX MONTHS!

A source told the paper: “Things are going well for Ed and Athina, they are very happy together – she’s very cool. Life is really good. They’re having a great time but aren’t living in each others’ pockets. It’s all very Healthy and happy.”

Ed totally hinted that he and Athina were a thing in an interview with Us weekly last week in which he said that he was dating a ‘Greek who was awesome at cooking’.

After making her move from the music industry she now reportedly works ‘managing food stylists for Jamie Oliver’s company.’ Basically, she isn’t at all showbiz.

Previously when asked about Athina in April Ed had denied that they were an item when it seems that they were more than ‘just good friends’ all along! The sneaky pair.

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