Taylor Swift Posts AMAZING Video of BFF Lena Dunham Dancing To… Erm… Lena Dunham


Taylor Swift is pretty much BFFs with absolutely everybody (apart from us, sadface), but our ultimate fave TayTay friendship is her one with Girls star, Lena Dunham.

And as if to rub their feminist-debating, cookie-baking, lolz-having friendship in our face, earlier today Taylor posted a hilarious video of her bestie throwing her best moves to the new hip-hop track entitled erm… ‘Lena Dunham’.

Filmed in one of our fave gals’ kitchens, where they were no doubt baking up a storm and discussing the meaning of life, 24-year-old Taylor captioned the vid with: “This was what happened when Lena and I found out that there is a rap song called ‘Lena Dunham’. @lenadunham.”

And we have to say that this is exactly how we would react if we had a rap song named after us too.

The only way that the snippet could possibly have been topped is if Taylor had jumped in on the dancing action and treated us to some more of her infamously awkward moves.

But hey, we will take what we are given.

28-year-old Lena recently divulged exactly how she became such good friends with the popstar of the moment, and it turns out that all you need to make the dream a reality is a mutual follow from the star on Twitter.

In fact, one tweet from Taylor saying how much she loved Lena’s hit sitcom ‘Girls’ was all it took for the actress to hit the ‘Follow’ button, where she then DM’d Tay to ask her: “Can we be friends please?”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, that definitely sounds like it is at least worth a shot.

Now all we need is to make Taylor Swift follow us on Twitter and we will be dancing around her kitchen in no time… 

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