Taylor Swift Sends Her Fans Personalised, Hand-Painted Valentine’s Day Cards

Taylor Swift has proven herself time and again to be the nicest, loveliest, and friendliest popstar ever as she appears to, quite literally, dedicate every second of spare time to her ever-growing fanbase.

However, not content with sending the Swifties personal, hand-picked Christmas gifts, break-up advice, and taking the time to defend them against Internet trolls, TayTay decided to craft some seriously impressive and, of course, personalised Valentine’s Day cards for some lucky fans.

Stalking her fans online, the 25-year-old has a process of selecting the ones who most deserve a little thank you from their idol, and yesterday the total babe shared a collage on MazSight of the twelve hand-painted cards that she sent out.


Taylor captioned the pic with: “I just want to spend my life showing the people I love how much I love them.”

Trust us, Tay, there is absolutely no way that your fans can doubt just how much you bloomin’ love them.

Among the cards, some of the messages Taylor lovingly wrote to her fans include: “3 olivias I love: Olivia, my cat (meow), Detective Olivia Benson, SVU, Olivia Viglass (That’s YOU) Love, Taylor

“To Martha, from your big sister in America.”

Plus one to a lucky fan called Gracie, who had Tay prove just how much she knew her by writing down everything that makes Gracie herself in fancy water colours.

Sigh, we thought not getting any Valentine’s from secret admirers was tough, but now we’re even MORE sad that we didn’t get one from Taylor frickin’ Swift.


Never mind, there’s always next year…

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