Taylor Swift Swaps Numbers With The 1975′s Matt Healy, He Admits: ‘I Wouldn’t Say No’


Maylor might just become a thing after it has been confirmed that The 1975′s Matt Healy swapped numbers with Taylor Swift, and the pair are pretty friendly.

Taylor set the rumour mill spinning when she was papped sporting a band T-Shirt to support the British indie band last month, with Matt then being spotted wearing a 1989 T-Shirt of Tay’s new album.

Well they already have a shared love of years, they are obviously meant to be.

And now Matt, who is the son of actress and Loose Women legend Denise Welch, yesterday confirmed that he and Tay are in contact and he’s just kinda going with the flow. 

Speaking on an australian radio show, the 25-year-old shared: “We exchanged numbers, let’s just see what happens… She’s a sensation.”

When the DJ refered to him and the 24-year-old as a hot new celeb couple, Matt quipped back: “You’re calling it that, are you?

“Let’s just see what happens.”

Well, that certainly isn’t a no….

Going into slightly more obvious ground, Matt said that he “wouldn’t say no” when asked what he thought of the gorgeous babe of the moment, but to be honest, is there anybody on the planet who would?

As well as showing her undying support for Matt’s band by sporting their merch, Taylor shared a video of herself and BFF Selena Gomez at their Los Angeles concert last week, with the girls singing along like true fangirls.

TayTay captioned the vid with a lyric from The 1975′s hit, The City: “Yeah, you wanna find love? Then you know where the city is.”

Ooft, we don’t want to get our hopes up but this is definitely sounding promising.

It wouldn’t hurt to just have a quick browse of hats for their Wedding, would it?

Y’know… Just in case. 

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