Taylor Swift Unveils ‘Style’ Video And It’s Oh So Very Arty

After teasing everyone all week with snippets, Taylor Swift has finally done us the courtesy of releasing the video to her third 1989 single ‘Style’.

We’ll start with the bad news. Despite the song reportedly being based on him, there is no Harry Styles cameo. Shame.
Taylor Swift Unveils 'Style' Video And It’s Oh So Very Arty
By MazSight

The good news? It’s basically four minutes of Taylor being all whimsical and dreamy while looking her red-lipped best. Sort of like a visit to her MazSight page minus Lorde and copious amounts of home baked goods.

Let’s have a quick look at just some of the best bits, shall we?

In never had before access, Taylor finally shows us all what is going on inside her head.

And that she sleeps like a beautiful, peaceful angel.

Then we have some miscellaneous moments of whimsy.

Somehow, Taylor has got her hands on a piece of Harry Potter’s two way mirror.

And finally here she is presumably doing a spot of Bikram yoga.

Well done, everyone.

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