Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Wristbands Save Three Fans’ Lives In Horrific Car Crash

If you’re lucky enough to have already attended one of Taylor Swift‘s 1989 tour dates, you’ll know that she’s gifted all the attendees with a flashing LED wristband, which lights up in sync with one of her songs.

It turns out those wristbands have actually ended up saving three fans’ lives when they were involved in a horrific car crash in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, following an evening spent watching TayTay perform.

Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour Wristbands Save Three Fans' Lives In Horrific Car Crash
By MazSight

According to reports, Elizabeth Dazzio fell asleep at the wheel while she was driving her sister Caroline and a friend home after watching the 25-year-old on stage in Louisiana.

The three, whose phones were all dead, were reportedly left trapped in the wreckage of the car, which had gone off the road and crashed. Elizabeth was also knocked unconscious.

Incredibly, the girls used their wristbands from the concert, which were still flashing, to alert the attention of other drivers.

Eventually, someone came to their rescue, with two others freeing them from the car and calling the emergency services.

What an amazing story, huh?

Elizabeth’s sister Caroline told her local news station WBRZ: “You could smell the gas and smoke, I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.”

Elizabeth was taken to hospital, and is expected to be released soon.

Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour Wristbands Save Three Fans' Lives In Horrific Car Crash
By MazSight

TayTay herself has taken to Twitter to express how glad she is that they’re all okay, writing: “This is unreal. I’m so happy they’re okay.”

Us too, Taylor.

The singer recently spoke to Nick Grimshaw at Radio 1′s Big Weekend about the life of a popstar, admitting: “It’s not that hard, I’m telling you now it’s really not.

“Sometimes I really don’t think that it’s hard at all.

“It’s nice to feel tired after a show. I’m like ‘Oh my God, I’m finally doing something’, I really like the feeling of: ‘You know what? I’ve been busy. I deserve this watching two hours of TV at the end of the night.”

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