Taylor Swift’s Guy In The Blank Space Video Is Sean O’Pry, And He Maybe Broke The Internet…

Taylor Swift basically made the Internet implode in excitement when her video ‘Blank space’ debuted on Monday, and it wasn’t just Taylor breaking hearts this time…it was also her co-star.

The co-star in question is Sean O’Pry, a 25 year-old model, whose rugged good looks and ridiculously chiselled bone-structure have carved their way into the hearts of every woman who’s watched the music video.

Sean plays Taylor’s love interest in the video, where she slowly becomes a bit of a bunny-boiler thanks to Mr. O’Pry, and it seems that he can pretty much get away doing anything…even wearing a cape.

Yes, he actually looks damn good in a cape. Something we didn’t even think was possible in this day and age!

While it may be a bit of an exaggeration to paint a ton of pictures of one man – no matter how good their jaw-line is – there’s certainly no denying that Tay-Tay herself seems to get lost in Sean’s good looks at certain points in the video.

Although, as soon as the video aired he was now the bane of every other man’s life – as all other men are inferior to him now – no one actually knew who Sean was, he was simply referred to as “The guy in the Blank Space video”.

It was actually Swifty herself who let the cat out of the bag on this one, when she tweeted: “GUYS. Blank Space Music Video Directed by @JosephKahn Co-Starring @Seanopry55

At our last count that tweet had nearly 23,000 RTs and nearly 24,000 favourites – we like to think this is solely because of Mr O’Pry, but maybe it has something to do with the video as well…maybe…

And, while Taylor may have dropped an awesome new video featuring cats, horses, cakes and one massive crazy breakdown – the Internet just can’t get enough of Sean.

And, it doesn’t just stop there…

Sean, you’ve just managed to ruin dating a girl for every man who isn’t you…crafty move or what!

And, just in case you wanted to watch Sean and Taylor in Blank Space one more time we’ve put it right below.

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