Taylor Swift’s Hired More Security After Getting Death Threats!

Taylor Swift has revealed that her life isn’t just one big Love Story, as she’s had to hire security guards after a string of threats and safety fears.

In fact, she’s had no choice in the matter and has been forced to hire bodyguards to keep an eye on her round the clock, meaning that she’s had to sacrifice a chunk of her valued privacy.

She explained her decision to Esquire USA, revealing that she “fought the idea of having security for a very long time,” because she values a normal life so much.

 Unfortunately, for the 24 year-old pop mega-star the sheer number of obsessive fans out there have forced her into making this tough decision.

Yikes! And, if that wasn’t scary enough she revealed an even more worrying side to her fame.

Taylor explained her decision to hire security was“Because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up at my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me”.

Taylor, who had a spat with Olly Murs earlier this month, has had her fair share of fan related troubles including when a male fan managed to get on stage during her Red Tour performance at the O2 in London.

But keeping her chin held high, she also explained that she wouldn’t let this get her down, adding: “This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about. I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t ever want to be scared. I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared.”

More recently the singer used her personal life as inspiration for yet another song, revealing that ‘Out Of The Woods’ is one of many songs about the singer’s short-lived romance with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

With Taylor saying that she wrote it about a “fragile” relationship and the “anxiety” she felt within it.


Speaking to Good Morning America, Tay spilled: “This song is about the fragility and kind of breakable nature of some relationships.

“This was a relationship where I was kind of living day to day wondering where it was going, if it was gonna go anywhere, if it was gonna end the next day.

“It’s a relationship where you kind of never feel like you’re standing on solid ground. And that kind of a feeling brings on excitement, but also extreme anxiety, and kind of a frantic feeling of wondering.”

So Taylor has succesfully made dating Harry Styles sound a little bit less appealing than it did yesterday – the constant anxiety isn’t really selling it to us.

But we do think that his pretty face would probably soften the blow of extreme panic.

Yeah, we would probably be able to work something out.

As it happens, Taylor and Harry only dated for a couple of months but that was still apparently more than enough time for the singer-songwriter to get enough material for four, FOUR, different songs on her new album.

That seems a tad excessive to us but hey, maybe Harry is just super inspirational.

Taylor’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine, otherwise known as the gift that kept on giving, revealed that it was clear that a whole host of the new tracks are about our fave man-bun-wearing popstar.

On top of ‘Out Of The Woods’, there is ‘I Wish You Would’, which is about a guy who buys a house nearby to her, ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ about an ex who doesn’t want to commit, and then the even less subtle track called ‘Style’, about a boy with slicked back hair and a white T-Shirt, which she tells the magazine she should have called ‘I’m Not Even Sorry’ because it is so bloomin’ obvious.

And if the others are ANYTHING like this first one then we are even more excited about the release of Taylor Swift’s album at the end of the month than we were last night.

But we can’t help wondering if Taylor might need to use her song writing as an outlet for the stress that the darker things that fame brings to her life.

Could she get one over the people who make these scary threats by penning a hit about them? We guess only time will tell.

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