Taylor Swift’s Identical Twin Appeared In Old Japanese McDonalds’ Advert And It’s UNCANNY – Watch

We have to be honest, when we woke up this morning the last thing that we expected to hear was that Taylor Swift had a secret Japanese identical twin who used to dress up as Ronald McDonald and star in TV adverts for fast food, yet here we are…

In a frankly uncanny re-discovered YouTube video from the good old days of 2006, you can see somebody who looks a whole lot like the superstar strike a load of poses before sitting down and magically pulling a Maccy D’s hamburger out from behind her back.

Kind of like a really badly-dressed magician:

It’s like that time Taylor saw the fan who looked like her on Tumblr and thought that it was her BUT SO MUCH BETTER.

The striking similarity between the mystery Japanese model and the 25 year old singer lead us to only two logical explanations:

1. Taylor Swift has a Robin-Sparkles-esque pre-fame past, that saw her secretly move to Japan and become the poster girl for hamburgers before she hit the big time.

2. Mama and Papa Swift have some serious explaining to do…

It’s unknown whether TayTay herself has seen the strange video, with the poor starlet being a little bit preoccupied after announcing last week that her mum was battling cancer.

However, we hope that when she does get a chance to give it a gander she at least considers donning a replica costume for her next tour… We mean, who knew that Ronald McDonald could look so chic?

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