Teen Choice Awards Are RIGGED, Twitter Has A Meltdown

Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned!

The teenagers of Twitter united last night after it was revealed that the Teen Choice Awards actually aren’t that much of the ‘teen’s choice’ after all.

In what appears to be ‘The Revenge Of The Internet Celebrity’, all hell broke loose when Vine sensation Cameron Dallas tweeted during the live show that he was told that he had won the award for ‘Choice Viner’ six days before voting had ended. 

Speaking of Tyler Oakley, winner of the ‘Web Star’ award, the internet star revealed that Oakley already knew that he was going to win, which is why he didn’t promote the competition.

Although the controversial tweets were soon deleted shocked fans got plenty of screengrabs:

Fellow Vine star Matt Espinosa also jumped in, tweeting “Basically they picked the people almost 6 days before voting was done and used all of us for promotion” before another Viner, Carter Reynolds, kickstarted the hashtag “#TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards”, which OBVIOUSLY went on to trend worldwide.

It wasn’t long before an eagle-eyed fan spotted the following disclaimer that apparently is featured at the end of the awards show every year:

The disclaimer reads:

winners for the Teen Choice Awards were determined through voting on the TeenChoiceAwards.com website. The results of the voting were tabulated electronically by TeenChoiceAwards.com and confirmed by a committe of Fox representatives.

“Teenasaurus Rox Inc have the right to determine the winners from among the top four vote getters of the nominees in each of the 88 categories. Ultimate choice was determined solely by the producers.”

So basically the public voted but it was the producers who chose the winner out of the top four – meaning that winners such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Ariana Grande might not have even recieved the most votes – IS NOTHING SACRED?!

Well, the teens were up in arms about this sneaky revelation and took to Twitter to broadcast their rage with one observant fan even pointing out that the One Direction boys were in the exact same outfits as they were in for their perfume launch, which was days before voting even closed:


Elizabeth Wagmeister

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