The Apprentice 2014 Blog: James Hill Is WORSE Than Stuart Baggs… He Needs To Go

Last week, I referred to James Hill as a poor man’s Stuart Baggs.

I want to take that back because I was unfair… to Stuart Baggs. James is actually WORSE than The Apprentice‘s most notorious idiot.

Mr Hill started the episode by saying that there is “more than dead wood in this process, dead trees”.
Funny, right? I’m sure Lord Sugar would be rofl-coptering at that one… especially after telling James that he needed to take the process more seriously…
While he may have won the task, James has continued to prove himself as one of the worst - if not the worst - candidate that The Apprentice has ever seen.
His Project Management skills were a travesty. Instead of listening to what his colleagues had to say, he simply shouted them down. While I’m not necessarily a fan of Bianca, she at least deserved to be listened to.
James also thought it would be a good move to “test the market” when pitching to Toys R Us. Yes, Toys R Us, one of the country’s largest retailers that could make or break the task.
This was before he then cut Roisin off as she attempted to interject and negotiate a reasonable deal.
If Pamela Uddin, aka Puddin, hadn’t had gone with such a terrible board game concept – The Love Guru – I’m confident this would have been the last we ever saw of James Hill. Even if he is meeting up with Luisa Zissman’s celebrity agent.
Sadly, he lives to make a fool of himself for another day.




I’m tired of the current crop of The Apprentice candidates because there is such disparity among them. Roisin, Katie, Sex Tape Solomon and Mark Wright are storming ahead, the others are “dead trees” – as James so eloquently put it.
I’m ‘on the fence’ about Lauren, she talks a good game but I’m yet to see what her skills are. Time will tell.

But either way, here’s hoping James faces Lord Sugar’s finger of fate in next week’s boardroom and he fades back into the obscurity from which he came.


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