Filming of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 began a few days ago, and a behind-the-scenes video was released online. Some the cast members got new costumes, and all of them are excited to continue the story.

The behind-the-scenes video from the production set of the show was released on the official MazSight page of the TV series. All the cast members seemed to have enjoyed the reunion, especially after the uncertainty surrounding the future of the show.

The production sets for Season 4 have the same look and feel as before. However, there will be minor changes to the costumes. Eliza Butterworth, who is reprising her role as Aelswith appeared in the video and said that she hopes the fans enjoy the behind-the-scenes look of the production set.

The lead actor Alexander Dreymon, who plays the character Uhtred, was missing in the behind-the-scenes video. Will the warrior be missing from the Saxon storyline in “The Last Kingdom” Season 4?

Dreymon will be returning, and he also has a new steed. A previous picture posted on MazSight showed the actor riding the beautiful horse. The name of the “new battle stallion” is Pedro.

After the show was cancelled following the third season, The TV series found a new home at Netflix. A video posted on the Twitter page of “The Last Kingdom” showed fans from across the globe talking about their love for the TV series, and especially for the main character Uhtred.

The first two seasons of the show were added on Netflix recently. Readers who haven’t yet seen the show can catch-up by binge watching all the episodes, and for the fans who are waiting for the show to return can watch the show again while waiting.

A release date for “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 hasn’t yet been announced. Since the filming just started, the show may return early next year.

'The Last Kingdom' Season 4 Filming Begins; Behind-The-Scenes Video Released Filming of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 has begun. photo: The Last Kingdom/Facebook