The road that led Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to “The Morning Show” didn’t exactly come smoothly. In a recent interview, the actresses opened up about their unique career paths that brought them to their new Apple TV+ roles and what they did to step into their fictional counterparts. 

According to Daily Mail, the stars of the new Apple show shared what they did leading up to tackling the parts of Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson.

The show, which is based on the 2013 nonfiction book “Top Of The Morning” by journalist Brian Stetler, came to Aniston by way of producer Michael Ellenberg. After reading it, the star revealed that she took on the project because “behind the scenes of the morning talk shows had always seemed fascinating and cut-throat” to her. However, after #MeToo happened, she decided that they “had to address what was going on.”

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When discussing the career paths that lead each of them to where they are now, Aniston stated that she felt lucky due to the fact that she hadn’t experienced people “exploiting” her, but that there had been ups and downs. “There are moments when you’re the belle of the ball and moments when you’re not up to par.”

As for Witherspoon, she revealed that after 1999′s “Election,” where she plays a high schooler running for student government, she was unable to obtain a leading role for over two years.

“I couldn’t get hired,” she said, adding, “I’d go into meetings and be warned, ‘Tell the studio head you’re not that character from Election, he thinks you’re that girl.’” She would go on to star as Elle Woods in 2001′s “Legally Blonde.”

The two also discussed preparing for their roles. Previously, the two had shared that they took certain steps in order to become more believable as Levy and Jackson, but in the new interview, they gave additional background on how the characters came to be. 

Aniston eventually found what Witherspoon calls an “incredible newscaster voice,” but it was not without ample preparation and consideration. “You learn to talk to the camera, as if you’re talking to just one person,” Aniston said, adding, “It’s not easy, this was a hard job because of the density of the material and the emotions I had to dig up.”

As for moving forward with the storyline, which follows the firing of Steve Carell’s character (Mitch Kessler), Witherspoon concluded that she doesn’t try to “come up with answers…Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. Everyone is just trying to survive.”

New episodes of “The Morning Show” premiere each Friday on Apple TV+.

'The Morning Show': Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Discuss Career Warnings, Developing 'Newscaster Voice' The cast from the new Apple TV+ show “The Morning Show” photo: Apple TV+