The Royals Cast: Liz Hurley Is Incredibly Funny, She Corpsed A LOT On Set – EXCLUSIVE

The stars of The Royals have revealed that Liz Hurley struggled to keep a straight face during the filming of the raunchy new series.

The 49-year-old actress plays calculating Queen Helena, matriarch of a fictional Royal family in E!’s first ever scripted series.

Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity, stars William Mosley, Merritt Patterson, Alexandra Park, and Hatty Preston revealed that Liz was nothing like her on screen persona and was actually a hoot on set.The Royals Cast: Liz Hurley Is Incredibly Funny, She Corpsed A LOT On Set - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight

 “She’s very funny. That was something that I wasn’t expecting,” Hatty revealed.

“Not because we’ve come to know an Elizabeth Hurley who has no sense of humour, but that’s just not the side you see of her. She’s just so brilliant, so fun, and such a laugh to have around.

“[She] Corpses! In the State Dining room scene where she just completely got the giggles and it was just one of the funniest moments of shooting where she was just sitting there shaking at the dinner. So yes, she’s really good value!”

Alexandra added: “[She’s] The complete opposite to what you see on the screen. She couldn’t be more friendly, or down to earth, or hilarious.”

And what if Liz was, in fact, the Queen? Would the world be a better place?

“It would be a bloody glamorous place, Britain would really raise their game,” Hatty joked.

William added: “The royals would be very, very well dressed!”

We don’t doubt that for a second.

The Royals airs tonight on E! at 9pm.



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