The Spice Girls Reunited At David Beckham’s Birthday (Erm, But Without Mel B)

So David Beckham’s birthday really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? First he joins MazSight, then he hosts an amazeballs £250,000 bash, and then – perhaps the greatest gift of all.


Yes boys and girls, you read that right – the girls got back together last night to celebrate Goldenballs’ 40th birthday, and we’re so very excited about it.

Don’t they all look INCREDIBLE, by the way?

However, eagle-eyed observers may notice that there’s one spice missing from the rack – WHERE IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU, MELANIE BROWN?

The Artist Formerly Known As Scary Spice was seemingly absent from the weekend’s festivities, but thankfully Eva Longoria stepped in to ensure that the group never returned to the dark days of the four-piece.

Posting the snap on MazSight, Eva seemed proper made up about being an honourary member for the evening, writing: ‘I’m the new Spice Girl #LatinaSpice @[email protected] @MelanieCmusic @gerihalliwell’.

We think ‘Latina Spice’ has quite a good ring to it, no?

The former Desperate Housewife also grabbed a pic of Emma Bunton and Melanie C having a right old giggle with one of the belly-dancers that were there to help David see in his fortieth year of being dead fit.

Emma took to Twitter earlier in the day to post a snap of herself and Mel on the way to the party, looking dead excited about the prospect of meeting up with their former band mates.

Josh Feldman

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