The Tide Attempt Their Best British Accent In Our EXCLUSIVE Six Second Interview

If you cast your minds back a few weeks you will probably remember that The Vamps announced the launch of their very own record label, and the first band to be signed was californian group The Tide.

Well, we heard that the four Tide boys were over on this side of the pond as they prepared for their UK tour with The Vamps and Union J, so obviously we had to nab them for a quick chat.

After we’d safely concluded that In-N-Out burgers are da bomb and there’s no place in the world for fruit flavoured Poptarts, we challenged the foursome to our exclusive Six Second interview and things… Things got a little bit weird….


1. Hello The Tide! You’re pretty new on the scene, can you describe the band in just six seconds?

2. Good job. You’re Americans in the UK, so the rule is that you have to show us your Best British Accent:

Errr, nice choice Drew….

3. You did a pretty good job at The Vamps there, can any of you do any other celeb impressions?

4. How do you warm up before a show?

5. Yikes – don’t punch eachother in the face, but can you show us the vocal warm-up?

6. Do any of you have any Good Luck rituals before a show?

7. Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

8. And do any of you have any secret talents?

9. Let’s have a run-down of Levi’s very talented face then:

10. How did you even learn that you could do that, babes?

11. Anybody else want to get in on the act?

Good one, Nate.

12. You MUST know the Blondie song ‘The Tide Is High’, can you give us a little performance?

Well this is awkward, we’ll get you next time…

13. Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

N’aww, ain’t that lovely?

Thanks guys, we’re off to practice our tongue rolling…

Catch The Tide on tour with The Vamps and Union J!

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Jason Weisberger

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