The Tide: ‘There Is Going To Be A Prank War Against The Vamps On Tour’ – EXCLUSIVE

If you have a pretty good memory, you might recall that back in February The Vamps announced that they’d launched their very own record label, and four californian babes known as The Tide were the first act that they had signed.

It was all pretty exciting stuff, to be honest.

Anyways, with The Tide joining both their new managers and those lovely Union J scamps on a UK tour that kicks off this week, they were over on our side of the pond for a little while so of course we just had to nab them for a chat, and it sounds to us like The Vamps are going to have to watch their backs for the next few weeks….

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, the boys explain: “There will definitely be a prank war on this tour, we will establish it in a meeting and just make it interesting.

“It’ll be fun.”

Unfortunately, they’ve not got any major pranks planned just yet, with Drew Dirksen adding: “We will have to brainstorm and get back to you on that one.

“We will be travelling in separate cars, so that can be when we come up with our plans.”

Hmmm, so if James McVey shows up onstage with shaved eyebrows or a naughty body part drawn onto his cheek we will all know exactly who’s responsible.

Despite wanting to embark on a full on war with their managers, The Tide insist that The Vamps are actually pretty bloomin’ amazing at being their mentors, with Nate Parker telling us: “They’re so cool, they’re super nice.

“They’re really there for you as managers instead of bossing us around, they ask if we’re feeling good and say that we can talk to them about anything, it was a lot different going into it than I expected it to be.”

Austin Corini agrees, saying: “They are definitely friends first, they pretty much just told us to be ourselves and not let anybody change who we are.”

And the Brit boyband have also tried to prepare their new act for the potential craziness of their legions of dedicated fans, with The Tide’s Levi Jones quipping: “We haven’t had any weird fan experiences yet but we’ve heard all about them from The Vamps.

“They say sometimes you get some weird stuff but we haven’t experienced it yet.”

Austin adds: “Our favourite thing is the fans, seeing the fans in person and everything is so awesome because you don’t expect it.

“It’s unreal to see them line up in places, and they wait outside the hotel every single day and they’re there all day just to see you for five minutes.”

So, what should the Tiders be bringing the boys if they want to make their day while they’re in the UK? Pay attention, guys, this bit is important:

“I haven’t seen poptarts and I miss them, and ranch dressing,” Nate told us.

“I miss Chipotle, it’s our favourite and so good,” adds Drew.

However, one thing that you unfortunately can’t bring to make the boys’ stay a whole lot better is their family – who all four members agree they miss like crazy, telling us: “Mainly we are missing our family because they’re so isolated from the things we do.

“All our mums are coming to see us at the 02 shows, they’re going to be crying and emotional but it’s alright.”

So if you see four highly-emosh grown women at the boys’ first ever London shows then you’ll know exactly who they are, and you never know – maybe their mums will also be kind enough to bring some of that much-missed US food over in their suitcases…

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