The Vamps’ Hollyoaks Cameo Was The Best/Worst Thing Ever

It might have been the most awkwardly crowbarred cameo ever (with Dennis singing Last Night in the shower having never mentioned them before).

But The Vamps‘ Hollyoaks cameo was still the best thing we’ve seen all ruddy week.

After being name-dropped as Peri’s fave band (BACK OF THE QUEUE), Peri’s BFF Sienna hatched a plan to make sure the boys and Peri crossed paths for a mini meet and greet.

And as the boys just happened to be around Cheshire at the time of filming, THEY ACTUALLY APPEARED ON OUR TELLY BOXES.

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Looking totally smooth as they emerged from their venue after a show, Brad, James, Connor and Tristan happily stopped to pose for a snap with Peri before signing some autographs with her.

And that was that. That’s all we got. It was still glorious though, wasn’t it?

Don’t panic, if you missed all the excitement (or just fancy more viewing fun), you can watch it all over again tonight on Channel 4 at 6:30pm.

Josh Feldman

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