The Vamps’ James McVey: ‘We’re Actually Really Good Friends With Fifth Harmony’ – EXCLUSIVE

If you cast your minds back to earlier this year, you may remember the slight Twitter storm that was sparked when The Vamps’ member James McVey appeared to make a jibe about Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, and we decided that it was time to get to the bottom of the sentence that launched a thousand ships’ worth of #dramz.

Just in case you missed the beef, things got a little bit cray cray when James’ bandmate, Brad Simpson, was asked about what was going on with his and Lauren’s friendship – WINK.

The nineteen-year-old replied: “I was April to December.”

Before his buddy James interrupted and joked: “We all had a bit of a go.”

….Uh oh.

Upon seeing the backlash that his off-the-cuff comment had spurned, the twenty-year-old soon took to his Twitter page in an attempt to clarify and apologise for the offence caused, writing: “Ouchieeeee. Totally misinterpreted there folks…

“I’m sorry if people have been offended. I was joking that we all think that…The band were all attractive, and we tried to flirt at the start. I failed, clearly.

“I meant we all ‘had a go’ at flirting.”

But that still wasn’t enough for some angry fans, so when we sat down with The Vamps for an exclusive interview as they launch their own flippin’ record label, we decided to find out exactly what was going on, and as it happens, James and Lauren are actually really good friends.

James explained: “Nothing really happened in that interview, that’s the thing – it was just a miscommunication and a misunderstanding.

“We are fine with Fifth Harmony and spoke to them that day and there was no issue – we’re actually really good friends and there’s no problem at all.

“It’s all sorted and all good, there’s no hard feelings.”

Right, now that that’s all explained, perhaps we can all move on from it, yeah?


Twitter dramz aside, the boys have been seriously busy this year as they announced that they had launched a record label and snapped up teen band ‘The Tide’.

Speaking about their venture, Tristan Evans dished: “We’ve been working hard on the label and also our second album while organising our arena tour, because we’re quite hands on with it all so we have a lot of work to do.

“We started a label because I think we’re all just interested in the business side of things.

“We’re always very hands on anyway, with marketing and everything, so we just started to see what we could do as well.

“The Tide are a young teenage band – similar to where we were a few years ago – so we could hopefully try and help them out.”

“Plus, Connor did business Studies at school,” joked James.

Well, with that in mind we reckon that this label is going to be a bloomin’ roaring success!

Stay tuned for our exclusive Six Second Interview with The Vamps – where the boys answered YOUR questions!

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