The Vamps Live At The O2 Review, Featuring Union J And The Tide

Okay so picture this, one second we are watching four fresh-faced babes who call themselves The Vamps singing in packed out shopping centres before heading off to support McFly on tour, then we kinda blinked and all of a sudden the foursome have sold out two nights at the bloomin’ O2 and are putting on a show that would even have our dads dancing down the aisles.

We mean, it doesn’t take a genius to imagine the sheer amount of feels that we got when we were invited along to see the band perform to a whopping 15,000 hardcore fans and if we’re entirely honest, we pretty much felt like proud parents.

Let’s start with the basics, The Vamps’ hotly-anticipated second album still isn’t due for release until later in the year, which means that we were all left to sing our little hearts out to the absolute tunes from the boys’ debut album, as well as some ruddy brilliant covers thrown into the mix.

With everything from Uptown Funk to MCR’s Teenagers on the setlist alongside the likes of Wild Heart and Last Night, you are pretty much guaranteed to lose your voice from all that ruddy singin’ along and screaming that you will do.

Soz, that’s just the price that you’re gonna have to pay for an all round fantastic night.

Not only do we get more than our fair share of sing-songs, a pretty unique part of The Vamps on tour saw each one of the four boys have their own moment in the spotlight, with a little mini-vlog from Bradley Simpson, Tristan Evans, Connor Ball, and James McVey playing out to the crowd before they each came on stage to give a heartfelt solo performance.

Brad played piano and even had a little go on the drums, Connor and Jimbo commanded the stage with their incredible voices, and Tristan had the best time ever as he drummed the life out of his kit whilst being elevated into the air with strobe lighting galore.

We mean, if there was any more talent on that stage then Simon Cowell probs would have wandered up and nabbed them for a royal variety performance quicker than you can say ‘Susan Boyle’.

Their little monologues in the pre-recorded videos also helped those ruddy feels we mentioned earlier rear their highly-emosh heads as we took a moment to reminisce about the pre-fame boys on YouTube who were now living the dream on one of the biggest stages in the country, and if you thought for a second that any of ‘em took their achievements for granted then you will definitely be proven wrong.

On top of the fab singing, emosh videos and epic solo bits and pieces, The Vamps also put on an all-round amazing show, with frontman Brad bouncing around the stage like an excitable puppy, with his energy pretty much infectious to anybody who was watching.

In short, there is showmanship and then there is Bradley William Simpson, who is effectively in a league of his own.

As if The Vamps themselves didn’t give us enough to gush about, the show was also our first sneaky peak at seeing what The Tide could do as they, alongside those X Factor scamps Union J and Luke Friend, were the esteemed support acts for the night.

Just in case you have been living under a bloomin’ rock for the past couple of months, The Tide are four californian lads who are lucky enough to call themselves the first band signed to The Vamps new record label, and we can definitely see why they were snapped up so quickly.

Obviously finding inspiration in their mentors, The Tide also gave an amazingly high-energy performance in their relatively short slot as they showed the audience exactly what they are made of (Nate even took his top off!) and left us wanting more.

Y’know, maybe something like their own headline show?

Needless to say, they are definitely one to watch.

Of course our old faves Luke and Union J also gave pretty showstopping performances as they got us all ready for the headliners of the show, and we have to admit that from the second Luke took to the stage at 7.30pm to the moment The Vamps disappeared offstage after their encore, there wasn’t a single boring moment.

In fact, we probs could have stayed there for another couple of hours and just survived off Brad’s excessive energy alone – next time boys, make it an all nighter, yeah?

After all, going home simply isn’t as much fun as spending the night dancing along to a whole load of super talented, and super gorge, musicians.

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