The Voice UK: Marvin Humes Hits Back At Louis Tomlinson’s Promo Jibe – EXCLUSIVE

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson hit the headlines earlier this year, when he took to his Twitter page to slag off BBC One singing competition, The Voice UK, calling the judges out for slamming The X Factor to promo the show.

Now Marvin Humes, who was put in a bit of an awks situation considering he happens to be host of the show AND good pals with Lou, has had his say on the Twitter rant – and he reckons The Voice is doing just fine regardless.

Speaking exclusive to Yahoo Celebrity at the launch of his new music project, LuvBug, Marvin said: “Louis is a friend of mine, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“All that I will say is that The Voice is a very successful entertainment programme – and it’s doing very well in the ratings.

“But still, everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Very diplomatic, Marv, congrats.

And it isn’t just Louis that has seen the TV presenter have his personal and work loyalties stretched, with Marvin also revealing that it was pretty ruddy difficult to see his JLS bandmate, JB Gill’s, cousin Marc Armstrong, fail to make any of the judges turn their chairs around on Saturday’s show.

He told us: “JB’s cousin, Marc, is a friend of mine and that was quite a unique situation.

“To be in a room with your friend, and your bandmate, and their family, and for him not to go through – that was a tough one.

“Marc is a good singer, but the problem is there are only so many spaces, it’s all about luck; what mood the coaches are in, where they are in their team, how many spaces they have left…

“That’s the great thing about The Voice – everyone who is auditions is a very good singer, but it does bring it down to the luck of the day.”

Despite the occasional heartache, Marvin is still super chuffed to be a part of the show, and he can’t quite believe that he has made it on there, sharing: “The Voice is an amazing show to be a part of, and I’ve always been a big fan of all reality TV competitions, so to be working in it is an honour really.

“Emma Willis is just amazing to learn from as a presenter, so I love it.

“If you had said to me when we were contestants on The X Factor that I was going to host a similar show on BBC One, Saturday night prime time, I’d have been like ‘Get out of here!’

“It’s great to have been given the opportunity, and I’m very lucky.”

And as if being a prime time TV presenter, Capital FM DJ, and father-of-one wasn’t enough, Marvin has also put a whole load of energy into his new music project: LuvBug, which he surprised us with last year.

“I intentionally kept LuvBug quiet for a long time,” the 29-year-old told us “When JLS came to an end, people wanted to know what we were doing next, and if at the beginning I said I wanted to put out a dance album and be a dance producer, people might have thought it was a bit weird.”

Still, unlike his former bandmate, Oritse, the JLS boys were well and truly in the loop with what Marvin was up to, adding: “JLS knew what I was doing because they had worked with [LuvBug bandmates] JKay and The White N3rd in JLS.

“They knew that I was working on this and I didn’t hide it, it was always something that I was quite open about.

“JB has written tracks with us, and Aston is also going to get involved.”

Sounds like a full on JLS family affair to us!

And with a new album and live dates in the pipeline for LuvBug, it doesn’t look like Marvin’s hectic schedule will be winding down any time soon.

LuvBug’s new single, ‘Revive (Say Something), is out on the 8th of February!

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