The Voice UK: Ricky Wilson SPLITS From Girlfriend

Ultimate Leeds enthusiast and all-round bobbing indie kid Ricky Wilson has split from his girlfriend of five years, telly producer Lesley Williams.

Which is a bit sad really, isn’t it?

The latest addition to The Voice UK‘s judging panel told Fabulous Magazine that the reason behind the split was down to his new-found fame as a talent show judge.

The destructive power of reality television for your there, folks.

Apparently the pressure was just too much for the publicity-shy couple, as Ricky’s star-power escalated since his time on the show.

But the split isn’t exactly a recent thing –  as Rick-ster revealed it happened several months ago. He told the magazine that:

“I took the risk of putting myself out there and I knew it was going to change me.”

“I feel quite uncomfortable that I dragged someone else in who didn’t want that. It’s a huge part of my life and I find it tricky that I can’t have it both ways.”

Oh dear :(

However, the heartache and strife hasn’t stopped the Kaiser Chiefs resident warbler from being a right old flirt on the show, giving a whole bevvy of female contestants the eye, as well as giving fellow judge Rita Ora a Healthy dose of his northern charm.

And whilst the pair have insisted they’re ‘just friends’, the chemistry between them seems undeniably palpable – with Ricky boasting that she’d given him a cheeky massage whilst at auditions in Manchester.

Blimey, who knew that The Ora moonlighted as a masseuse? We wonder if she does reflexology too…

A source told The Sun that: “He’s single and although Rita is in a relationship, the flirting will not stop.”

Let’s just hope Rita gets a say in all of this, hmm?

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