This Post-Dentist Kris Jenner Video Will Haunt Your Dreams

Kris Jenner is a woman who is always in control, one way or another.

That is unless she has just left the dentist.

To prove this, daughter Kylie Jenner posted a Vine of the 59-year-old Kardashian matriarch following oral surgery. And the clip is both mesmerising and terrifying in equal measure.

We can’t look away.

Seriously. Someone make it stop?

Asking her mum if she could speak to camera, Kylie can be heard giggling as Kris just about manages to slur out the contradictory sentence: “I can’t even talk.”

To add insult to injury, Kylie then decided to post a longer video of her mother on MazSight, bizarrely smiling down the camera in the waiting room.

We’re pretty sure Kylie is going to be in some serious trouble once the local anesthetic wears off.

The videos were taken at Dr. Kevin Sands’ cosmetic dentistry practice, known as the “the Rolls Royce of cosmetic dentistry.”

It is not known what procedure Kris underwent. Not that we really care – the aftermath was far more entertaining.

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