Tinie Tempah’s Birthday: His Starriest Instagram Pics

He rubs shoulders with A-listers on a regular basis.

And Tinie Tempah is happy to share his starry encounters with the rest of us via his MazSight account, from shooting videos with Cheryl Cole to face painting with Russell Brand.

As Tinie celebrates his 26th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his starriest pics.

1. Tinie with Chris Martin

“This happened today! #BIGWEEKEND”

When you’re a massive music star you’re going to share the stage with other massive music stars at festivals, so why not take the opportunity to record those amazing moments with a selfie?

Tinie hung out with Coldplay’s Chris Martin at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Glasgow in May 2014, and shared that “magic” moment with his followers by posting this snap.

2. Tinie with Russell Brand

“Saturday afternoon, chillin. Face paint & sh*t..”

As far as fun Saturday afternoons go, hanging with Russell Brand in Victoria Park while his friends paint a St George’s Cross on your forehead is up there with the best.

Rusty tweeted a picture too of their day in the park in September 2014 with the hashtag #Essexstyle.

3. Tinie with Ed Sheeran

“Ran into the my brother @teddysphotos backstage at Pukkelpop.. So good to finally catch up face to face! His continued success is inspiring and is proof that hard work, faith, talent and dedication to what you do will always pay off! Congrats on everything and good luck with your set tonight my G! #PUKKELPOP2014”

Doing the music festival circuit means you get to catch up with old pals. And by old pals, I mean globally massively famous pals, not that kid you went to infant school with.

Well, that’s the case for the likes of Tinie anyways, if not for the rest of us, when he ran into lovely Ed Sheeran at Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium in August 2014.

4. Tinie with Naomi Campbell

“Vogue. Aug 4th. @iamnaomicampbell”

It’s not just musos and comedians Tinie hangs out with; it’s also supermodels.

When you’re a natty dresser you’re gonna land yourself fashionable magazine spreads, and Tinie shared his A-list model moment with Naomi Campbell for Vogue with the rest of us in August 2014. We’d be jumping for joy too, Tinie.

5. Tinie with Tracey Emin

“Happy Birthday to the Magnificent and ever delightful Tracey Emin! Last night was mad real!!”

Is there any cool circle Tinie doesn’t run in? Models, comedians, musicians and artists.

The music star celebrated Tracey Emin’s birthday in July 2014 and cuddled up for a picture.

Keep sharing the starry shots Tinie, and we’ll keep envying your incredible friendships.

Xeni Jardin

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