Most people see teenage pregnancy as the end of their lives, but not “Unexpected’s” Chloe. She’s not letting anything stop her from accomplishing her goals. And while that’s something she and her family can be proud of, there’s still one thing they tend to disagree on: the father of her child, Max. 

In a sneak peek of this Sunday’s episode of TLC’s “Unexpected,” the high school senior discusses her plans for college with her family. She shares her plans to attend Arizona State and how her search for an apartment close to campus has been going since she can’t stay on campus with her daughter, Ava. But what her family doesn’t know is that she doesn’t plan on getting a place by herself. 

“I wish I could be more open with my family and tell them that I’m moving in with Max because I am excited,” Chloe said during her on-screen interview. “But I just feel like I can’t mention it or talk about it or else I’ll be like shunned or… everyone will be mad at me.”

“I kinda got to keep it on the down-low,” she added. 

That plan quickly falls apart however after Chloe accidentally reveals that “we” were looking for an apartment, meaning Max. Although Chloe’s parents seem disappointed in their daughter’s actions, she’s just trying to do what’s right for her child. 

The teen mom wants her 1-year-old daughter to have a relationship with her father, Max, but that’s hard to do while living at home, especially when her mother set limitations regarding the young dad — like his not being allowed in her house.

Find out how things pan out with Chloe as well as the rest of the Season 3 “Unexpected” cast when the episode airs this Sunday. 

“Unexpected” airs Sundays at 10 pm EST on TLC.

TLC's 'Unexpected' Sneak Peek Spoiler: Chloe Slips Up, Reveals Major Secret To Parents Chloe, her daughter Ava, mom Jessica, stepdad Nate and sister Brooklyn photo: TLC