Tom Felton Jokes About Kim Kardashian Stealing His Passport With Her Draco Malfoy Hair

Everybody can chill the heck out, Tom Felton has now confirmed that he has located his missing passport and is no longer lumbered in New York City.

Hurrah! Although, if that was us we probs would have had it “conveniently lost” for a little while longer…


Taking to his MazSight account, the 27-year-old actor put his followers’ minds at rest after sparking a mass Twitter hunt for the very important travel doc, and of course the hilair star had to do it in absolute style.

After poking fun at himself with a Draco Malfoy meme when he first realised the passport was missing, Tom decided he would pay a hilarious tribute to Kim Kardashian‘s Draco hair when it had been re-discovered.

Ahh, that look was so brief we’d almost forgotten that it had happened.

Laughing off the instant Harry Potter comparisons that came when the star initially showed off her surprising new look, Tom shared a pic of himself in his younger Harry Potter days next to a photo of ice-blonde Kim, with the caption:”Relax citizens. Passport found!!!! Kim K had it.

We should have known, we should have bloomin’ known.

Tom first raised the alarm that he’d lost his phone and passport whilst travelling between Los Angeles and New York yesterday, with funnyman James Corden quick to reply that he’d found the passport in the airport as he announced that he was willing to sell it to a fan for £50.

To which Tom offered £51 and a McDonalds’ kid’s meal to get it back.


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