Tom Felton’s Birthday: His Most Magical Instagram Pics

He’s the world’s most famous blonde wizard.

So it’s no surprise Tom Felton shares some suitably magical photos on his social media (and just how magically adorable is his pooch Timber?).

As the ‘Harry Potter’ star celebrates his 27th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his most magical MazSight pics.

1. Tom’s magical TBT

“1st day at Hogwarts #throwbackthursday”

As far as big moments go, your first day at Hogwarts has to be pretty darn magical.

And Tom gave us a glimpse into that moment when he shared this Throw Back Thursday post last year of his very first day at the most magical school in the history of magical schools.

Plus the most magical boy ever, Harry Potter, is in the shot too. Magic overload.

2. Tom’s magical floating frames

“To celebrate 400k here’s a pic of Warwick, Matt, Helena & I at Gringotts bank at Universal studios. Thank you all for your love and support, you’re smashing fans x #Wizardingworld #400k #thankyou”

How does a boy wizard celebrate getting 400,000 MazSight followers? With a magical pic, obvs.

Not only does this pic feature other magical beings (Helena Bonham Carter aka Bellatrix Lestrange, Warwick Davis aka Professor Filius Flitwick / Griphook, and Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom), but it also features magical floating green frames. And it was taken at magical Gringotts Bank.

Doesn’t get much more magic than that, does it?

3. Tom’s magical time travelling

“The Domino Players #isaac #crook #kavanagh #insecret #goseeit”

Looks like Tom picked up some time travelling spells during his time at Hogwarts, as the actor appears to have transported himself way back to a time when side-partings and huge sideburns were all the rage.

Oh wait, it’s just a shot from another of his movies, “In Secret”, which is set in 1860s paris.

Tom and his co-stars Oscar Isaac, John Kavanagh and Mackenzie Crook all look pretty convincing as Victorians though, right?

4. Tom the levitator

“Everybody do the Hollywood Ninja Kick…..x #boom”

Everyone’s got a favourite magic spell, and it seems like Tom’s is the Levitation Charm.

How else can you explain this pic that looks like Tom is floating in mid-air? A ninja kick? Oh…

Repeat after me: Wingardium Leviosa.

5. Tom’s magical setting

“Night shooting with timber & @jessebochco @jadeolivia_g #sanfran #baybridge”

When it comes to magical places, San Francisco is pretty hard to beat.

Just how beautiful does Bay Bridge look, all lit up like that? Magic.

Keep sharing the magic Tom, and we’ll keep practising our love potions.

Josh Feldman

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