Tom Fletcher Blasts ‘F*cking Idiot’ Alan Brazil Over ‘Offensive’ Robin Williams Comments

He says he should be ‘deeply ashamed’ about his comments.

Tom Fletcher has jumped to Robin Williams defense after Talksport presenter Alan Brazil made some rather unpleasant comments following the news of his suicide.

The Mcfly singer took to Twitter to vent his frustration saying that Alan’s comments were ‘stupid, offensive, rude and inappropriate’.

To clarify, Alan said this on the radio yesterday: “I believe he’s (Robin Williams) has got a daughter as well, what’s she feeling like this morning?”

Tom Fletcher Blasts 'F*cking Idiot' Alan Brazil Over 'Offensive' Robin Williams Comments
By MazSight

“Now she’s got to sort the arrangements out. I think it’s just shocking, I really do. I don’t have a lot of sympathy, I’m sorry.”

Comments which a Talksport spokeswoman quickly responded to, saying: “TalkSPORT apologises for any offence caused. Alan’s comments do not reflect the views of the station.”

However, Tom wasn’t accepting their apology and took to his keyboard for a cathartic rant.

“Alan Brazil’s comments on Robin Williams, suicide & depression on the radio were so unquestionably stupid, offensive, rude and inappropriate,” he wrote.

Tom Fletcher Blasts 'F*cking Idiot' Alan Brazil Over 'Offensive' Robin Williams Comments
By MazSight

“He and the people who let this f*cking idiot broadcast this disgusting sh*t out to the nation should be deeply ashamed and I, as one of the millions who suffer from mental health issues, am so upset that it is still so misunderstood and this morons waffle is a perfect example.”

He then apologized for his vent and urged anyone suffering to seek help.

“Sorry, late night rant over. I rarely get fired up enough to bypass my firmly bitten tongue…especially to use bad language online. Bad me.”

“Again, if you’re suffering from any sort of mental health issue. No matter how big or small. See someone. Call someone. Tell someone. Anyone.”

“…and maybe one day we’ll eventually educate the Alan Brazils of this world in the delicate and fragile subject of depression.”

Tom then couldn’t help but add: “I bet he smells too. The stupid ones always do.”

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