TOWIE Stars SLAM Victoria Beckham For Anti-Essex Comments

Now we’ve always been a fan of Victoria Beckham’s plain-speaking ways – but when the former Spice Girl said some less-than-positive things about her birthplace of Essex this week, there were some guys and gals who were very keen to have pop at her.

And guess who they were? The TOWIE bunch, of course!

TOWIE Stars SLAM Victoria Beckham For Anti-Essex Comments
By MazSight

Somehow we don’t think Posh is quaking in her Jimmy Choos.

Speaking at New York City’s 92nd St. Y event (we presume it’s something very fancy and fashionable) she said: “I’d like to forget about the Essex bit. It’s not a very nice place.”

OH, THE SHADE VICTORIA. We once took a day trip to Colchester once and it was pretty charming, actually.

Anyway, the cast of TOWIE are predictably having apoplexy over all of this – despite the fact that Victoria was only born in Essex, and actually grew up in the charmingly-named Goffs Oak, across the border in exotic Hertfordshire.

TOWIE Stars SLAM Victoria Beckham For Anti-Essex Comments
By MazSight

Hold onto your white stilettos people, as it’s all about to kick off.

Jasmin Walia was the first cast member to stick her oar in – telling the Sunday People: “It’s a great place. It’s a bit sad that she’s trying to forget her roots. When I read what she had said I was shocked.”

“I want to invite Victoria back to Essex. I’d take her to the Sugar Hut and one of the boutiques in Buckhurst Hill. She can style me while she’s at it.”

Yeah, we bet she’d love the Sugar Hut, Jasmin. Who needs LA when you’ve got the chance to chug down a Cheeky Vimto in the ladies loo of a Bretwood nightclub?

TOWIE Stars SLAM Victoria Beckham For Anti-Essex Comments
By MazSight

Meanwhile, voice of a generation Joey Essex told The Sun: “I can’t believe Posh Spice has slagged us off – she is one of us, she should be proud to be from Essex.”

“I haven’t got a clue what Posh Spice is going on about when she says our home is not very nice. After all, she was the one who invented the Essex pout.”


Lauren Pope also piped up, defending her adoptive home from Viccy B’s devastating slander: “I grew up in Devon but fell in love with Essex when I moved to Chigwell eight years ago – Essex people are nice and welcoming.”

“I’d love to invite her down to get her to change her mind.”

But WADDYA know kiddos – earlier this afternoon it seems good old V.B. had a change of heart about the whole situation, posting the below snap ‘pon her Twitter page:

Colin Lecher

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