TOWIE’s Arg Went Missing ‘Because Of Lydia Bright’

We assume she also must have booked the cab to the wrong airport.
TOWIE's Arg Went Missing 'Because Of Lydia Bright'
By MazSight

The whole ‘Arg is missing’ story is continuing to run despite the fact he has been found safe and sound albeit with no phone battery.

Yep, after all hell broke loose yesterday morning when Arg failed to arrive home after a night out it’s now being suggested that he went AWOL ‘because of a Lydia Bright’.

Apparently, he was so cut up about missing her that he forgot to go to the right airport. 

A pal told The Mirror: “He desperately wants Lydia back. He finds it difficult to deal with and often wants to be alone.”  

To clarify, James was last seen at his Essex home at 3am on Friday night, but when he failed to show up for flight later that morning, his family became REALLY worried. 

Seriously, has the world gone mad and forgotten to tell us?

His agent, Neil Dobias, issued a statement yesterday morning- “James Argent left home at 3am on Friday morning to meet his agent at the airport to catch a flight for work abroad.

“When he failed to turn up, he was reported missing by his family who are understandably concerned.”


Even the Old Bill and Sam Faiers started getting a bit bothered about the whole situation:

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