TOWIE’s Dan Osborne And EastEnders’ Jacqueline Jossa Are Having A BABY!

And cue the “You ain’t my muvva…YES I AMMMM” jokes

TOWIE’s Dan Osbourne and EastEnders’ very own Jacqueline Jossa are HAVING AN ACTUAL BABY.

Yes, that’s right, a baby. Together. We can’t believe it either if we’re honest.

They’ve only been going out since the end of last year, but it seems like the pair are over the flipping moon about the news – as we would be, if we had this pair’s genes.

THINK OF HOW ATTRACTIVE THEIR OFFSPRING ARE GOING TO BE. Honestly, if nuclear war ever befell the county of Essex, we’d put these two forward for any new repopulation drives.

Jacqueline, AKA Lauren Branning (the one who used to be an alcoholic emo), told The Mirror that her and Dan are “thrilled by our news” with Dan adding that “Becoming a father has been the most amazing thing to ever happen to me.  I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad again – I’m truly blessed.”

And according to a source at The Mirror, “She’s expected to give birth early next year.”

Awwww, ain’t it sweet? Dot’s probably having kittens.

Dan, 23,  who’ll be going on tour with the Dreamboys in September (GET IN), already has an eight-month old son called Teddy with his previous girlfriend.

Oh, and did we mention he has a penchant for posing shirtless whilst cradling his baby son?

Excuse us whilst our hormones explode at the prospect of even more of this carry-on.

Dan hasn’t exactly been backward about coming forward with his declarations of love for 21-year old Jacqueline either – speaking about his relationship on the show, he told his pals:: “I
would say I’m in love. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”


But wait guys, there’s an important issue here that we haven’t dealt with.


A source told The Mirror that: “It does mean Jacqueline will have to take some time out, which will have to be written into the storylines, but producers are being incredibly supportive”

An EastEnders’ spokeswoman said that: “Everyone at Eastenders is thrilled for Jacqueline” – everyone, we presume, except the writers – who now probably have to rip up 3 months worth of scripts.

Maybe she’ll just ‘do a Ricky and Bianca’ and ‘go to Manchester’ for a bit?

Either way, we’re SO flippin’ excited about this baby – Congrats you beautiful duo!

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