TOWIE’s Elliot Wright Blames Danny Cipriani’s ‘Flirty Texts’ For Chloe Sims Split!

The Only Way Is Essex isn’t even on our screens at the moment, but those randy beauty-bar owning types are still clogging up the airwaves with their latest dramas (and to be honest we love it, so let’s allow them to continue).

The latest couple to air their dirty stilettos in public are Chloe Sims and Elliot Wright – with the latter of the two now revealing that it was flirty texts on Chloe’s phone that were to blame for their split.

And guess who they were from? None other than Chloe’s ball-grabbing, bus-dodging ex – Danny Cipriani!

He always seems to crop up in these sorts of stories, doesn’t he?

Speaking to James Lockie (obviously), Elliot said: “To cut a long story short, there was a text message from her ex saying, ‘Don’t settle down with him [Elliot, presumably]. Meet me in Barcelona… before you make a decision.”

“As a good girl, Chloe replied with the right response. She said: ‘I really want to come to Barcelona and meet you, but I’ve got an ear infection so I can’t fly.”

“I don’t know — is that girlfriend material?”

Maybe not girlfriend material, but ducking out of an international flight with a made-up illness? MI6 will surely be knocking on Chloe’s door now to offer her a full-time paid position in espionage.

Elliot went on: “I don’t think it’s someone I want to settle down with, especially with having a long-distance relationship. I was nice about it. I sent her a nice text that said, ‘Look… you look well at the moment but it ain’t going to work with me and you’.”

We quite like how Elliot’s interpretation of ‘nice’ is saying ‘you look well’. CHARMER.

Meanwhile, Chloe basically confirmed the story during an interview with Diags – who along with Lockie, must be positioning himself as the heir to Paxman.

TOWIE's Elliot Wright Blames Danny Cipriani's 'Flirty Texts' For Chloe Sims Split!
By MazSight

The newly-blonde mum said: “Elliot was trying to connect my phone to one of them stupid speakers… Whilst doing it, he had a little sneaky look, and he saw some messages he didn’t love.”

She went on to admit that after discovering the messages, Elliot grew controlling and she called off the relationship.

Seems like it was pretty doomed from the off, eh?

And more to the point, when will the cast of TOWIE learn to put a lock on their phone?


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