TOWIE’s Kirk Norcross apologises as naked sex chat photos leak, we cover our eyes

TOWIE's Kirk Norcross has been left seriously embarrassed as naked sex chat photos have been leaked online.

Photos showing Kirk completely naked and performing a sex act during a raunchy Skype session have been leaked and, quite frankly, it's FAR too much for a Friday morning.

Kirk was forced to take to Twitter last night to apologise after the photos of the webcam session went viral on Twitter, being shared thousands of times.

He said: "F*******k!!!! People these days!!!! Cooooome oooonnn guys we have all done it I'm just the stupid one that got caught! Sorry guys :-("

Really Kirk? Do we all do it? Do we really ALL do it?

Kirk, who recently admitted to bedding over 1,000 women, had taken to Twitter earlier in the day to say he was having a Skype chat with a fetish model.

However, once the photos ended up all over the internet, the model was forced to take to Twitter herself to deny it was her.

Josh Feldman

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