TOWIE’s Lydia Bright Slams ‘Best Friend’ Who Has Been Selling Stories To The Press

Lydia Bright got totes emosh on MazSight yesterday, revealing that her best friend had been selling stories to the press about herself, TOWIE boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, and other stars of the show.


The Essex girl was understandably ‘heartbroken’ by the betrayal after pal Jem Stern came clean about her shady secret life as gossip girl (xoxo). 

Taking to MazSight, Lydia posted a photo with a heartfelt quote about betrayal alongside the caption: “So hard to think after six years of friendship my closest and best friend @jemstern has been selling stories on myself, Arg and many others to the press.

“I am absolutely heartbroken by what she has admitted to me. I have never felt so betrayed in my life, someone I trusted with my life.

“I want to make sure that everyone knows what she is capable of so she doesn’t hurt anyone again like she has hurt me.”

Oh, babes.

Lydia’s mum Debbie added on Twitter: “Today is a very sad day for all my family @Jemstern you will one day realise the rippling effect of devastation you have left. Betrayal.

“You cannot buy morals, values or expectations they are planted in childhood with love and care.”

And her sister georgia also joined in, saying: “I can’t believe we all trusted u as a friend @Jemstern u truly are something else and I am ashamed to have once called u my best friend.

“No one ever trust this girl @Jemstern she truly has betrayed my whole family and doesn’t deserve anyone.”

Before posting a collage of all of Jem’s elaborate purchases over the months, writing: “‘I was struggling, I needed the money’ really looks that way @Jemstern how the hell didn’t we realise #DirtyMoney.”

Arg has kept schtum on the entire matter, but retweeted all of the Bright family’s tweets, obviously feeling pretty gutted himself that thanks to this Jem character his plans to spend Christmas in rehab have been revealed to the world.

Not cool, Jem, not cool. 

The former bestie to the stars was quick to make all of her social media accounts private as she no doubt spent yesterday hanging her head in shame and thinking about her actions.

Although to be honest, if you’re going to betray the characters of any TV show it’s better the cast of TOWIE.

After all, we all know that if this was The Sopranos, Jem would be swimming with the fishes round about now… 

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