‘Tulisa Betrayed Me And Ruined My Life’ Says Mike GLC


Mike GLC, the man at the centre of the Tulisa drugs trial who appeared to supply £820-worth of cocaine to a reporter, has said that the former X Factor judge has ‘betrayed’ him and ‘ruined his life’.

Speaking to this week’s heat magazine, Mike says how it was HIM who was; in fact, hit the hardest by the Fake Sheikh’s sting.

He could have faced a hefty prison sentence and  he now says he is left with nothing and struggling to make a living.

'Tulisa Betrayed Me And Ruined My Life' Says Mike GLC
By MazSight

“I feel betrayed by Tulisa. She was like my little sister, and she’s left me with nothing. I don’t hate her – I’m just disappointed at how she’s treated me,” Mike told heat, adding:

“I lost my business, my home, my family. I was loyal to Tulisa. She’s done nothing to help me when I needed it the most.”


So we take it he hasn’t heard much from her since the incident?

Her former bezzie also says how he wasn’t convinced by the Tulisa he saw in the BBC3 documentary Tulisa: The Price Of Fame which won the 26-year-old back a large chunk of public support.

“I’ve never met that person in the documentary. I’ve never met her in my life. Her family aren’t the closest thing in her world, and then suddenly she’s calling her mum. The “poor me” act – she wasn’t going to prison, so what about poor me? “

Mike has never denied supplying the Class A drugs and pleaded guilty to the charges however, walked free after the case collapsed last month.

Read MIKE GLC’s full interview in this week’s heat magazine – OUT NOW!

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