Tulisa Refuses To Answer Questions On Vas Morgan Assault During TV Interviews

Our telly boxes were quite frankly sick of her by early evening.

Yep, free after her court case collapsed Tulisa went on a charm offensive yesterday giving interviews to pretty much anyone who would listen discussing her side of what really happened during her drugs trial.

The former X Factor judge gave frank and honest interviews and it seemed nothing was off limits.

However, it’s since been revealed that there was one topic that was off limits – Tulia’s recent assault charge.

Journalists interviewing here were reportedly warned not to ask any questions about the charge despite the fact that the case isn’t pending and Tulisa was found guilty on Friday.

It’s believed the move was intended to be ‘PR damage control’.

While her drugs trial collapsed after the judge was persuaded that the Sun on Sunday reporter had lied under oath, Tulisa was found guilty and charged 200 for punching Vas Morgan at last year’s V Festival.

Appearing on Radio 4, Tulisa told the reporter that she had ‘never been in a fight’ and this was not challenged in any way.

The reporter later tweeted to say: ‘Tulisa’s PR managers tried to ban reporters asking her about her conviction for assault last week.’

Tulisa told itv’s Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins she could not talk about the case for ‘legal reasons’.

Last night, conservative MP Rob Wilson criticised the BBC in particular for ‘appeasing a celebrity ego’.

He said: “It is bizarre that the BBC’s flagship news programme chose to be so accommodating to Tulisa’s PR team”.

“It would be unthinkable for the BBC to agree not to discuss the assault conviction of an MP or businessman because their PR manager asks for it not to be discussed.”

‘It looks like a supine BBC bending over backwards to appease a celebrity ego rather than pursuing the truth. It’s an error to reduce a historically outstanding news programme to a PR machine for a pop star.”

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We referenced Tulisa’s conviction for assault several times and put the subject to her.

‘We also made it clear to listeners that she had advised us in advance that she would decline to comment because she is appealing. We are satisfied that the interview was robust, accurate and impartial.’

Tulisa continues to deny assaulting Vas Morgan.

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