Turns Out Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt Doesn’t Really ‘Get’ Red Nose Day

You’ve got to feel for Stephanie Pratt. It must be awfully hard moving to another country, thousands of miles away from your home, trying desperately hard every day to learn the new cultures and traditions that are so mind-bogglingly different from that of your own.

So imagine how mortified Made In Chelsea‘s first and foremost Pratt must have been yesterday, when she posted this rather strange MazSight post below, about Red Nose Day.

Yeah, except she doesn’t seem that mortified – to be honest, she hasn’t really seemed to notice.

Probably too busy rushing around London in a taxi we imagine.

You see, what our beloved Stephanie has done here is get pretty confused about the very nature of Red Nose Day. It’s not an actual holiday here – you don’t get a day off work to celebrate it, you don’t have huge street-party with bunting and sponge cake, and you certainly don’t get any celebratory ‘money off’ vouchers either.

It’s sort of about raising money for charity, babe?

Maybe it all lost got a bit ‘lost in translation’ for her – we don’t seem to remember the cast of The Hills sitting down in front of the telly to watch Billy Connolly get his bits out in Piccadilly Circus, come to think of it.

Stephanie faced a fair bit of ridicule on MazSight last night, with fans commenting all sorts on the post.

‘kirstylhenderson’ said, “Oooosh!! I would take this down. The media are going to have a field day when they see this.” (nahh, we doubt it hun), whilst ‘oodles_noodles_83′ told Stephanie: “Sorry Pratt you are either bloody stupid or just plain greedy. Either way #unfollow”.

Fellow MazSight user ‘itsmejoeyg’ asked: “Any danger of the mic crew lightening up on the product endorsements and ads?”

Whatever could he mean? We just assumed Stephanie was a huge fan of the Hackney Carriage.

It’s a London institution!

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