Twilight’s Myanna Buring: I couldn’t cope with Kristen Stewart’s fame

Twilight star Myanna Buring says there’s no way she could cope with co-star Kristen Stewart‘s fame.

Twilight’s Myanna Buring: I couldn’t cope with Kristen Stewart’s fame
By MazSight

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! omg! the Swedish actress said she’s a very private person and would struggle with being scrutinised like Kristen, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

She told us: "I have never experienced fame to the extent that Kristen has and I think I would really struggle with it.

"I think it’s incredibly hard to have every element of your life scrutinised to the nth degree.

"I can handle it to a certain extent but I don’t think I could handle it every morning. You’d end up paranoid about everything you did. In a lot of ways I’m quite private."

The 27-year-old, who plays Tanya in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I and II, reckons Kristen, Rob and Taylor have coped with the trappings of fame better than anyone.

She added: "I can’t think of three people who would’ve handled such a crazy experience better. They’ve done it so well and quite differently. They’re lovely. All three of them are absolutely lovely."

Twilight’s Myanna Buring: I couldn’t cope with Kristen Stewart’s fame
By MazSight

Talking about her time filming with the rest of the cast on the Twilight set, Myanna revealed there was a lot of fun behind the scenes.

She said: "There was a lot of banter. That’s the joy about filming – actors are quite good at banter.

"We spent a very long time filming one scene which involved all of us and it felt like a music festival.

"You’d rock up to your trailer and there’d be loads of trailers dotted around this massive field and you’d hear music coming out of different ones. One area would be like a Hip Hop, one would be like an acoustic festival.

"It rained a lot in Louisiana so it was flooded and so all the trailers were interconnected by these big wooden boards and I kept going ‘Am I in Glastonbury?’"

Twilight’s Myanna Buring: I couldn’t cope with Kristen Stewart’s fame
By MazSight

And she told us one of the best parts was the hair and make-up.

Myanna said: "The make-up and hair completely transforms you. You rock up in the morning feeling like your rough old self. By the end we managed to get it down to like an hour and a half but to begin with I’d be in make-up and hair for about three hours.

"The make-up designer got this Japanese make-up that pales everyone out but unfortunately it made me break-out really badly so had to end up using something else."

And just how uncomfortable were those contact lenses? "Because they’re coloured they need to be a bit thicker. You could feel them in your eyes and you can imagine when there are a hundred people on set trying to take off their contact lenses. We had this production line of lovely ladies who would help us take them in and out."

The Swedish actress was already a Twi-hard — having loved all the books — making her role even more special.

She told us: "I was a real fan of the books. I loved them. From being a jobbing actress in London doing small independent British films, I was suddenly sitting on set next to Stephanie Myers and sitting on set with Bill Condon.

"With Twilight you are aware of the enormous hype of it. You can’t deny the fact that it’s affected so many people."

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