Two hosts settled SMG Chinese developers exposure cooperation policy

Yesterday evening, Sony confirmed and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group signed an agreement to jointly set up a joint venture - Shanghai Oriental Pearl (600,832, stock it) Solatube Culture Development Co., Ltd., responsible for the production and marketing of Sony PlaySation hardware, software and services, bringing the PS4 officially into china, which since Shanghai is following the opening of the second FTA into China from foreign host events.

从目前情报看,PS系列甚至可能会引入多款硬件,除了PS4之外,索尼掌机PSV以及号称最小PS主机的PSV TV也有望在大陆发售行货,并迎来本地PSN服务。Information from the current look, PS series may even introduce a variety of hardware, in addition to PS4, Sony PSP and PSV PS-called minimal host PSV TV is also expected to offer licensed in mainland China, and ushered in the local PSN services.
And the Sony chosen partner Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, in fact, knowledgeable and microsoft partner, is affiliated with March 31, 2014 Former state-owned Shanghai Media & entertainment Group Ltd (SMG)’s new SMG in this alteration also get a 100% equity interest in Eastern media, which indirectly holds Blockbuster (600,637, stock it) 41.92% of the shares. In other words, from the big perspective, the two hosts can be said to be currently concentrated in the SMG‘s, of which the biggest benefit, should be the introduction of licensed video game hardware and software more smoothly, to be sure, the domestic players to play Date genuine host is getting closer.

从目前情报看,PS系列甚至可能会引入多款硬件,除了PS4之外,索尼掌机PSV以及号称最小PS主机的PSV TV也有望在大陆发售行货,并迎来本地PSN服务。

Another source said that the new co- host and chinese policy on developers has also forthcoming. According to informed sources , Microsoft Xbox One game into China ‘s first batch of products has entered the final stage of testing , the first batch of products is not much, two domestic developers perfection and spiritual works of Square tour will visit Xbox One, because the game content there are many aspects of the localization of adjustment , the game will be priced between single-product 60-100 yuan , much lower than the 36-60 dollars U.S. server.

Microsoft is currently given to the developers for the two policies , one without signing an exclusive agreement , developers can get a set of development tools provided by Microsoft ( ie Engineering Edition Xbox + test account , worth thousands of dollars ) , as well as the exclusive product audit channel ; developers can also choose to sign an exclusive agreement , on the basis of the above treatment has on , but also to gain a strategic stake in Microsoft’s capital level .

Sony currently only a cooperative policy , developers need to commit to develop exclusive games for the PS platform , Sony will provide developers with the resources to promote the PS national service platform.

I believe that Microsoft and Sony have long understood the importance to support the survival of the two host key point is the content , how to find more CP cooperation to the domestic game market output more games will be the focus of the two companies competitive .



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