The billion-dollar fashion brand Versace decided Monday to file a lawsuit against fashion retail company Fashion Nova for allegedly ripping off the design of one of their dresses. The dress in question was their highly iconic Barocco print, famously worn by Jennifer Lopez during the 2000 Grammy Awards. 

The Fashion Law was able to get a hold of the lawsuit documents, which detail Versace’s accusations of Fashion Nova exploiting the “popularity and renown of Versace’s signature designs” for financial and commercial gain. The jungle-print dress is currently being sold by the Fashion Nova store for $69.99.

Versace Suing Fashion Nova For ‘Exploiting Popularity’ Of This Famous Dress Design Lopez at the Grammy’s in 2000. photo: REUTERS

This isn’t the first time Fashion Nova has been accused of blatant “rip-offs” of other brands. The Whisp compiled a list of similar complaints from Yeezy, Scott Rohlf, Riot Envy and others. 

The most heavily publicized accusation of Fashion Nova stealing designs came when Kim Kardashian wore a Thierry Mugler gown with a unique cut-out design earlier this year. Controversy quickly followed when people became aware of a similar dress being sold by Fashion Nova the very next day. 

Kardashian called the event “devastating,” noting how big fashion companies can rip off the designs of hard-working designers, profiting off the clothing of others.  

Last year, Twitter users called out Fashion Nova for ripping off the designs of black-owned fashion businesses, causing them to be overlooked, with little to no consequences as well. 

The dress that Fashion Nova has now allegedly lifted off Versace was such a popular design of theirs, Lopez brought it back for their Spring 2020 Milan Fashion Week show. At the moment, it isn’t known exactly what the details of the lawsuit are or how much Fashion Nova is being sued for.