Vicky Pattinson Insists That She Is Single As She Shows Off Her Tiny Figure

Vicky Pattinson has hit back at rumours that she got engaged to her on/ off boyfriend Daniel Conn, over Christmas and insisted that they’re not even dating, let alone getting set to say ‘I do’.

The Geordie Shore star vows that she is totally off men, especially as right now she is focusing on maintaining her super-hot, slimeline body and building her own empire.

Speaking to Star magazine, Vicky insisted: “I’m better off on my own. I’m a lone wolf.

“I’m just a hunter and I’m better off doing what I want and not having to consider anyone else’s feelings.”

Erm, that’s a very poetic way of saying ‘I’m a single pringle’, ain’t it?

The 27-year-old also added that her friendships flounder when she is lurved up with a fella, sharing: “When you’re in a relationship, friends fall by the wayside and I hate that.

“Your lad comes first. Now that I’m single, I’m a better friend and seeing the girls more and all my male friends are back in my life again.”

It does seem a little bit bizarre that Vicky is so insistent that she did not get engaged to Daniel considering the rumour came about after she retweeted a message from him which read: “Can’t believe she said yes! #MrsConn @VickyGShore”.

We wonder what that one was about then…

Meanwhile, the gorgeous reality star has been making us seriously jealous in the body department, as she has been taking to MazSight to share photos of her toned body – a result of her overhauling her party lifestyle last year.

The new gym bunny was a size sixteen and almost twelve stone when unflattering pics of herself in a bikini gave her the kick up the bum that she needed to cut out the junk and alcohol, slimming down to a tiny size six-eight.

Revealing the secret behind her weight loss, other than her DVD of course, Vicky dished: “Looking goos is eighty per cent about what you put in your mouth.

“For a long time I was exercising, but grabbing convenience food. My weight was fluctuating, you need to plan and prepare and enjoy everything in moderation.”

Speaking to new! magazine, Vicky shared how shedding the pounds has changed her life, saying: “I’ve got loads of confidence, I’m not scared of someone taking my photo.

“The added confidence has enabled me to make some big decisions. I feel happy and Healthy.”

Good on ya, babes, and you’ve definitely motivated us to beat our annual Christmas gain!

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