Vicky Pattison Admits She DID Set up Pap Pics For Her Weight Loss DVD – EXCLUSIVE

Just over a year ago we were watching in awe as she dropped FIVE dress sizes in a matter of months.

And while Geordie Shore‘s Vicky Pattison definitely did all the hard work herself, she HAS admitted that she set-up pap pics to help her achieve her goal.

She told Yahoo Celebrity: “The pictures of me exercising in the park and going for a jog, yeah those are set up. I mean, you know you’re going to get papped…”

But while she might have known all about the sneaky photographers in all those park workout snaps, she swears she didn’t know about the paps in Marbella, who took the pink bikini pictures that spurned her to lose weight.

She revealed: “I’m not stupid, I know it happens, I mean, Chanelle Hayes did it and she probably got a little magazine deal to do it or something. But I was going through enough already.

“I’d just been arrested! I couldn’t get any lower. I was f***ing chomping down on a Solero, I was proper going to town on it, not like glamour model sexy licks, it was like piping off a Solero. It was awful.

“I felt this presence and I turned around, saw the pap and pulled my angry face, which was even worse. He’d been there five minutes already and already got all sorts.”

And just in case you weren’t sold on it, Vicky’s sister, Laura, can vouch for her, telling us: “I was there in Marbella with her and I can honestly say it wasn’t set up, definitely not! It was awful.”

Despite the dreaded bikini pics putting Vicky in a downward depression spiral, she says they became a saving grace and a distraction for the press over her assault arrest just a matter of weeks before.

She told us: “Firstly, I didn’t realise how unhappy I had become and they urged me into doing something about it.

“Secondly, people were far more interested in the fact that I was a fat b**tard than the fact that I’d been arrested just before that. So it took some of the limelight away from the worst part of my life!”

The 26-year-old eventually went on to drop down from a size 16 to a size 6 in a matter of months, eventually releasing her own Fitness DVD.

And while she admits her weight loss was all down to Healthy eating as well as working out with the personal trainer, she still swears by her DVD and can’t stand it when she sees celebs crash dieting and then releasing a useless DVD.

She told us: “It does irritate me when celebs do the set-up pap thing, go on a faddy diet and then release 80s aerobic DVDs. I’ve been very honest about the fact that I had my trainer and I wanted to be proud of my DVD.

“I’m not going to stand there and shake about and do spirit fingers and 1980s aerobics, then claim they can lose a stone in a week. I wanted it to be genuine and effective.

“I KNOW the DVD works, it worked for me, I mean I obviously followed the diet plan as well.

“I don’t agree with faddy diets, starving yourself or diet pills or what ever it is that other celebs lose weight on. I believe in everything in moderation and living your life and enjoying yourself and being realistic.

“If I said ‘no drinking, no this and no that’, I’d go insane. I’d fall off the wagon and have a huge binge. Like massive. Like full day of Burger King, Dominos and McDonalds, everything.

“That’s so counterproductive. It’s important to do little and often, treat yourself. Stay focused. Every so often I have a cheat meal. Life’s for living and I thoroughly believe that.”

It took Vicky over six months to lose the weight she had gained following her split from Ricci Guarnaccio, which she says was hard enough, but maintaining her size 6 frame has been the hardest part of it all.

And living in the limelight makes the fear even worse, meaning she’s constantly scrutinized when she gains even a few pounds.

She admitted: “It is very hard to maintain. Losing it was difficult but maintaining it… it’s the pressure. After series 8 back in April, I was so excited to film that I totally let my hair down.

“I did it in spectacular fashion. Jagerbombs, kebabs, milky ways, everything, it was constant. I came out and I was heavier than I was when I went in.

“Obviously you can’t expect not to gain weight when you’re living like that, but the press picked up on it straight away, ‘oh she’s fallen straight into the trend, did the DVD and then packed it all in!’.
Vicky Pattison Admits She DID Set up Pap Pics For Her Weight Loss DVD - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight

“But that wasn’t the case, I’d just spent six weeks living in an environment where you drink every day and you eat pizzas and Nandos and Dominoes. It was impossible to retain my size 6-8 figure.

“But it was horrible to read and hear those things, because I hadn’t given it up, I’d just had a blip with GS. I didn’t even gain that much!”

So ahead of Geordie Shore season 9, Vicky went back to diet 101, admitting she’s now terrified she’ll come across as ‘boring’ for all her healthy habits.

She added: “I didn’t panic or allow it to get to me, I just got straight back into it. I went back to training and eating right. Most of it was excess bloating from the drinking.

“This time around, for season 9, there wasn’t as much of a break before we started filming so I wasn’t as excited to get in there and get drunk. I was more controlled, we had time to exercise every morning when I woke up, I’m a bit concerned I’m really boring!”

We doubt that very much, Vicky! BRING. IT. ON.

Nothing But The Truth: My Story by Vicky Pattison is out now £14.99.

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