Vicky Pattison Does An Awks Impression Of Ricci Guarnaccio In The Six Second Interview

If there’s one thing we know about Vicky Pattison, it’s that she doesn’t take shizzle from anyone.

Get a couple of drinks in her and you’ll probably find her either rowing with a fellow Geordie Shore housemate, slamming some doors, calling everyone a w***er, or she’ll be mid-tash on in a corner somewhere just because she fancies a cuddle.

But while she can clearly handle herself on a night out in newcastle, how will she fare in Yahoo Celebritie’s 6 Second interview?

10 questions, 6 seconds to answer each, NO second chances. BOOM.

What’s your hidden talent?

What’s the secret to a good selfie?

How do you keep your ‘VIP edge’?

What do you think of Bieber’s tash? Would you tash on?

Any improvements on the French since “Voulez-vous tash on avec moi?”?

Do an impression of your worst ex, Ricci….

Do an impression of the Ice Bucket Challenge, just for the lolz…

What are you bringing to season 9 of Geordie Shore?

What’s the best part of your autobiography and WHY?

Tell us WHY we should read your book over one of the many TOWIE autobiographies?

Congrats, Vicky, you made it through.

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