Vicky Pattison: I Could Have Fallen In Love With Kirk Norcross & Mario Falcone Sent Me Sneaky Messages

To be fair, she looks incredible after losing a whopping FIVE dress sizes from a 16 to a 6.

So it’s hardly surprising that every TOWIE star and his dog was fighting over Vicky Pattison when she was on the market.

But while she has nothing but lovely things to say about Kirk Norcross, she was less than impressed with Mario Falcone’s picky lothario ways when he refused to speak to her until she had lost weight.

Revealing that the TOWIE star got in touch with her through DM on Twitter following her weight loss, Vicky says he had previously ignored her.

Speaking in her new book, Nothing But the Truth, she says: “I went to Ibiza with my mates just after I lost all of the weight and I really wanted to flirt and have fun. It was there that I met Charlie Sims from TOWIE for the first time.

“I was in ocean Beach Ibiza and I ended up sitting on a giant bed next to Charlie, Joey, Essex, Mario Falcone and Tom Pearce. Joey is such a sweetheart, Charlie is dead friendly and Tom is such a lovely guy.
“The only one who didn’t say hello was Mario, but funnily enough he couldn’t wait to private message me on Twitter when I later lost even more weight!

“He obviously wasn’t keen on me when I was carrying a bit more timber. I guess he doesn’t like more cushion for the pushing.”

Meow! Saucer of milk, table nine!

Vicky goes on to describe the disaster that was her one date with Charlie months later following his split from Ferne after he was caught cheating the very same day in Ibiza.

Heading out to dinner in London, Vicky found herself surrounded by paps as the pair rocked up, but Charlie “swore blind” that he hadn’t tipped them off.

Appaz it was all a bit awks and Vicky only carried on with the date “mainly because I was bloody hungry!”.

Thankfully, it all led her to Kirk, who she says she could have easily fallen in love with had it all not been ruined by distance.

She revealed: “It was a total whirlwind romance and I was getting busier and busier with work and I was just stressed trying to juggle everything.

“Kirk and I had a brilliant couple of months together but then we started bickering over silly things.

“Hand on my heart I could have definitely have fallen in love with Kirk, but it wasn’t to be … I do wonder if people hadn’t got involved and we’d kept it private it may have worked, but I guess we’ll never know.”

Sounds awfully wistful, Vicky…

In fact, if it wasn’t for new hockey-playing boyfriend James Morgan, we swear they two might have gotten back together.

Regardless, she’s now been dating James for several months and appears to be totally smitten.

Oh, and she’s already dropping hints that there might be another engagement on the cards – obvs this one would be for keeps.

She recently told Now: “I’m dying to get engaged again! When I broke up with Ricci, I was like ‘Nah, that’s me done’. I was single for life! And then it happens just when you least expect it.

Vicky Pattison: I Could Have Fallen In Love With Kirk Norcross & Mario Falcone Sent Me Sneaky Messages
By MazSight

“He [James] wraps us up in cotton wool. There’s not one day where I don’t feel like his little princess or spoilt rotton.

“He calls the minute he wakes up. I get voicemails through the day with him saying how much he loves us.

“He’ll ring us in the car and the first thing he says is ‘Hi baba bear!’ I just feel so safe and protected and loved.

“It’s so nice to be with someone who can take control. He doesn’t need my money, he’s never seen the Shore – it’s just the most normal and loving relationship I’ve ever had.”


Nothing But The Truth: My Story by Vicky Pattison is out today £14.99.

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