Vicky Pattison SLAMS Ricky Rayment’s Relationship With Marnie: "I Can’t Gauge How Genuine It Is"

Ahh, our beloved Vicky Pattison. Never backwards in coming forwards is she? This week, everyone’s favourite Geordie Shore-er (soz Gaz, we still ‘would’) has been speaking her mind about new ‘hot’ structured reality TV couple Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson.

And guess who she’s come out fighting for? None-other than TOWIE‘s own Jessica Wright, who split with the formerly hirsute Ricky last year.

Ricky and Marnie have been an apparent item for several weeks now, and Vick thinks that the reason Marnie’s with Ricky is to get a part on the Essex reality show – which Vicky thinks will make Jess WELL JEL.

Speaking to those lads and lasses at The Mirror, Vicky said: “I reckon there’s a good chance Marnie’s hoping to make an appearance on TOWIE with Ricky.”

“My heart just goes out to Jess in all of this. It’s all very good you moving on mate, but I just think have a bit of consideration.”

“Jess is a lady and she’s being the more dignified one in this situation so fair play to her – I like Jess, and because I think Jess is such a nice person and she’s been through enough.”

“I’d like to think Marnie wouldn’t make an appearance on TOWIE for that reason. It’s just rubbing salt in the wound.”

Thankfully for all of us watching on the sidelines, Vicky didn’t hold back on her critique of Ricky or Marnie, and went on to allege that the couple aren’t all that genuine. She went on to say that: “I haven’t seen Ricky and Marnie together so I can’t gauge how genuine it is. I have known Marnie for a couple of years and I’ve never known any relationship stick.”

“You never know, he might be the one. I’ll be f***ing surprised if he is though.”

“But good luck to them. Crack on.”

LOL. Just massive LOL.

It all comes after it was rumoured that Jess has banned her bessies from being friends with Ricky and Marnie.

An insider told The Mirror: “Jess feels Ricky is being hugely disrespectful. Behind the scenes, she has shed real tears. She is shocked he has been able to move on so quickly.”


So will we see a Geordie Shore/TOWIE crossover coming to our screens anytimes soon? Truth be told, we don’t think we’d be able to handle all of the DRAMZ

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