Vicky Pattison Talks Getting Engaged To James Morgan And Life After Ricci – EXCLUSIVE

Just over a year ago we were watching her tumultuous engagement to Ricci Guarnaccio fall apart on Geordie Shore.

But despite being burned badly by her former fiance, Vicky Pattison says she’d totes be ready to tie the knot again with new boyfriend James Morgan – if he asked!

She exclusively told Yahoo Celebrity: “I would get engaged tomorrow, truth be told, and we will get engaged sooner rather than later because we’re both very passionate. I think when you know, you know.”

But while she’s sure hockey player James – who she’s been dating for eight months now – is The One, she told us she does have some committment nerves after the horror that was her engagement to Ricci.

She added: “I am very apprehensive, I’ve jumped into getting engaged a bit early before and that ended up being a right punch in the d**k! But James is a bit more measured and a bit more realistic than anyone I’ve gone out with in the past.

“He’s aware that we’re going to be together forever, or for a long time, actually, forever! So he’s not rushing it. But we’re really enjoying the honeymoon phase.

“Obviously I love him and I couldn’t be without him, I do think I’ll spend the rest of my life with him.”

The couple started dating earlier this year after James tracked her down on Twitter to become the face of his meat delivery and protein service.

And while the business partnership didn’t exactly go to plan, they did end up on a date after just three Twitter messages.

She told us: “I wasn’t sure if he was some weirdo at first, it wasn’t until Charlotte (from Geordie Shore) told us he was normal that I actually replied.

“He told me he was starting this business and wanted a female celebrity to be the face of it, and I said it was a great idea etc., then he sent me another message saying, ‘by the way, you’re really pretty’.

“So I was like, ‘now hang on a minute, is this business or pleasure? Because you can’t have both! You’re either putting a shift in or you want us as the face of your protein shakes!’

“He replied with, ‘well we’ll go for lunch on Saturday and take it from there’, and that was that! By the time we got to lunch it was blatantly obvious that we didn’t give a f*** about the protein shakes and we really fancied each other.” Vicky Pattison Talks Getting Engaged To James Morgan And Life After Ricci - EXCLUSIVE
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And while the 26-year-old says she’s “never been happier”, she is struggling to cope with always being apart from James, who runs his business from Peterborough.

She added: “We live quite far away, he’s from Peterborough and I’m from newcastle, we’re both very busy and we’ve both been hurt before, so it was a real slow burner at first.

“We met up where we could for drinks and burgers and things, but we considered ourselves single for a long time, but by May, when I’d just finished filming series 8 of GS, I said, ‘I can’t do this and be away from you’.

“I told him, ‘Either we draw a line underneath it or we make it serious’, and he was having none of it, telling me, ‘well I don’t want to draw a line underneath it, let’s go for it’, so we did!

“We jumped in and I’ve never been happier. I’m so happy. The minute I get out of here, I’ll call him and tell him how the interview was and ask what he’s been doing. We only spoke about 15 mins ago!”

Aww, LOVE IT! Watch this space for a sparkly ring…

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