Vicky Pattison’s In Hot Water Over Weight Loss Product Promotional Pics

Vicky Pattison is facing the wrath of her “minis” today after accidentally using the wrong picture in her ‘Mini V results round up’.

The Geordie Shore star uploaded her usual collage of happy customers this afternoon, captioning the snap: “My happy little mini’s, love seeing happy @minivnutrition customers. Keep sending me photos!! www.minivnutrition.com”.

But things took a bit a negative turn when one of the girls featured in the collage commented below the pic to say that she has never used any of the star’s products and was kind of confused about why her snap was included.

Oh dear.

Upon seeing the ‘after’ photo, the fan commented on the post and requested that it be removed immediately, writing: “First of all the pictures are of me and they are real, I worked really hard to get to that point and the pictures are only 1 year apart.

“I dyed my hair, that’s another reason I look different. The photo in the top left corner is of me. I would like this post to be removed as I posted this photo to show how I had lost weight. I DID NOT use @minivnutrition or any of their products.

“I go to the gym every single day and that’s how I got to where I am. Please remove this post as I do not appreciate you promoting your products using my pictures. @vicky_gshore”.

Fans were quick to offer their support, with one adding: “@vicky_gshore shouldn’t be uploading photos of people who have gotten to where they want to be physically through their own hard work and dedication.

“Trying to pass it of as this girls progress is due to some bullsh*t products, show how little it actually works.”

Another responded: “Hope people learn from this that all these before and after photos are all a sales pitch. Taking random peoples’ photos without their permission is seriously shocking – hope you’re proud!”

Yahoo Celeb has reached out to Vicky Pattison’s publicist for comment.

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