Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Follow ANY Of The Spice Girls On Twitter, But They All Follow Her – AWKS

There have always been rumours surrounding the wellbeing of the Spice Girls friendship situation – Do they all hate Geri Halliwell for walking out on them back  in ’98?

Do they all seriously envy Victoria Beckham for marrying the fittest footballer of all time and achieving superstardom?

Or does Posh Spice avoid any and all interaction with her old bandmates because she’s now got the celeb scope to hang with the likes of fellow A-Listers Tom Cruise and Eva Longoria?

Well, whatever’s going on, the fact that it has now been discovered that VB doesn’t follow ANY of the other Spice Girls will certainly get tongues wagging, and the rumour mill spinning.

To be fair, the mum-of-four does only follow 47 accounts, most of which are publications and designer stores, but what makes the whole thing ever so slightly awks is that the other girls make up four of her impressive 8.15 million followers.

Twitter politics, eh? We’ll never understand them.

Although we highly doubt that Victoria opting to snub the gals on Twitter means too much, after all, she’s hardly the most interactive celeb account on social media, it does mean that she is missing out on some serious gems from her old pals.

For example, how will she know that Emma Bunton has been turned into the bearded lady?

Or that Mel B’s kids fell asleep on the drive to school?

Heck, how will she know what day of the week it is without Mel C’s impressive insight?

Lauren Davis

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