Victoria Beckham Looks Bored As David Takes A Sky High Selfie With Tom Cruise And Guy Ritchie

We never thought we’d see the day that David Beckham, Tom Cruise, and Guy Ritchie would team up to climb an iconic London landmark, least of all that they would stop and take a selfie whilst at the top of it.

Which, for the record, is actually a genuine thing that happened last night.

Still, the entire incident was completely upstaged by David’s wife, Victoria, who simply refused to join in on any of the fun, instead opting to sit in the car looking seriously unimpressed as she waited for her hubby to return from his late-night frolicks.

Where’s your sense of adventure, Victoria?

Guy and Tom were in town to support their buddy Dave at his Haig Club London Launch, which is having a week long residency at the Wellington Arch, and the three men opted to throw caution to the wind as they scaled the building.

Despite the fact that Guy’s fiancee Jacqui Ainsley managed to join her husband in her sky-high heels, Victoria didn’t even consider it and was spotted looking slightly relieved when everybody made it down safely.

Don’t try this at home, kids.

Of course you can’t achieve such an impressive feat without stopping to take a selfie, and David took to his Facebook page earlier today to share the snap that the paps caught him scrambling to get.

The footballer captioned the image with: “Here’s a pic of me with my dear friends Guy Ritchie and Tom Cruise from my Haig Club London dinner this past Sunday. ‪#‎HaigClubLondon‬”

And while we can’t help but admit that it is a pretty nifty selfie, we have a feeling that David got a pretty stern telling off from both health and safety and his wife when he was back on solid ground.

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